Indcsn 5 Panel Caps

Indscn are a UK based brand that launched around a year ago. Within 5 months they have produced their first piece of headwear and look set to develop their line throughout 2011. The companys 5 panel cap comes in four selections of light summer colours. The oxford twill caps are available with charcoal or lilac/green stripes, while the solid chino twill caps come in khaki and a light blue. The four caps are completed with a branded woven patch on the front, ventilation holes on the side panels and a second woven tab in the fastening on the reverse. All are made in the USA.

Indscn are producing headwear and clothing that sits up there and alongside some of the bigger more heavyweight brands and it only looks like a matter of time before they start to compete on a more global scale. All caps are available in store now!



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