Barneys Carhartt x Adam Kimmel Event

Adam Kimmel x Carhartt Barneys Event w George Herms & Paintallica from Highsnobiety on

After desperately trying for months I finally found a good deal for a little break to NYC in November for me an my missus.

I've been before, and apart from the obvious touristys thing again, )provising its still there) I plan on checking out Barneys in much more detail than last time, helped no less by this sweet Carhartt instalation.

Carhartt just did a collab with Adam Kimmel - whos previously worked with Supreme - on a more sophisticated workwear collection including blazers and cashmere beanies - and to launch it they did an instore event in Barneys New York featuring old tree trunks and logs mixed in with the mannequins and clothing.

The best bit about the event was that guests had a chance to customise some of the tree trunk fixtures with mini blow-torches - nice and personalised touch there.

The installation was in the Barneys New York 60th Street store windows - lets just hope its still there when i'm over in November.



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