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Fat Buddha Stores transformation from old into new here at St. Vincent Street took a leap this morning with our introduction of magazines into our collection. We've done books for so long now, and with such a big selection of publications from all sorts of art and design, music and sport it was about time that we got some  interesting periodicals in stock too! With a starting collection of twenty titles on sale this morning (with many more to come) we are bound to have something that'll tickle those creative interests of yours.

Here's a little introduction of a couple of my favourites so far -

I miss being able to nip into borders books and peruse the Architecture magazines in Journals. Since it's close a couple of years back it's safe to say Glasgow has been distinctly lacking. Now however, we have four Architecture titles in stock - Architectural Review, Architecture today, Blueprint and, my particular favourite Icon magazine -


Since it's launch in 2003, Icon has strived to become one of the worlds finest art and architecture magazines with monthly interviews with the most exciting architects and designers from around the world, not to mention visiting the worlds newest buildings, news on new technology and movements as well as fabulous reviews of books, products, films and exhibitions. The great thing I love about this magazine as it's not just an architecture magazine, it covers such a wide range of art and design subjects that it's become so much more  and will no doubt appeal to any creative interests you possess. Since the magazines re-design in December 2010, every issue of Icon magazine now has a theme with this months July issue (098) being Toys. For this fun theme, Icon have asked seven of Londons most prominent Architects to create new models from Legos 'Classic Building' series by methods of melting, experimentation and general adulteration. In addition to this they look into influence that Friedrich Froebel, inventor of the kindergarden system had on the legendary historical architects Corbusier, Gropius and Fuller as well as studying various modern works including Glasgows recently completed Transport Museum, designed by the world famour Iraqi Architect, Zaha Hadid. As well as this, issue 098 also includes a visit to Floris Hovers in his studio in the Netherlands where he has created a range of metal toy vehicles and boats made from salvaged plastic bottles. All in all, a great and varied read!

Wooden Toy Quarterly -  This jam packed magazine really is a new love for me as I was just introduced to it this morning, however its rather beautiful and it's hard not to fall for it really. Considered to be one of the most design-heavy lowbrow art and creative culture publications to date, Wooden Toy Quarterly aims to present creative culture as a lifestyle that cannot be seperated from a love of wonderful photography, art, illustration and some of the most brilliant graphic design seen printed to uncoated paper before. Seen as a 'real must read for any magazine/book collector', each edition is wonderfully put together and presented there is really no doubting its appeal. This most recent issue (no.7) named 'The Music Edition' is available now, in store at Fat Buddha! Featuring 152+ pages of pure music goodness, this edition includes individual numbering (0001 - 5000) and comes complete with its own custom Toybox Packaging illustrated by WASTE with a limited edition artist print, a certificate of authenticity and a bonus 40 page A5 Lyrics and Type zine designed by Timba. Wooden Toy is printed on 100% recycled stocks and printed, designed and assembled in Australia. Not to mention there is ZERO advertising included giving you uninterupted graphic goodness! It really is a little more than just a 'magazine' and 100% worth checking out!

In addition to these there are way more magzines to check out, so if you're in the Glasgow area please pop by and have a browse! 



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