1950's Diner Telephone - Wild And Wolf

Time for a look at a modern take on an old classic...The 1950's American diner phone. It was a staple in most diners in America from the early 50's and didn't change in style until around 1965. The telephone we have on offer is from a British company called Wild and Wolf.

1950's American Diner Telephone

As you can see the phone stays as true to the original as possible, it features a push button for "coin release" as well as a authentic rotary look, it also has a "returned coins" slot. The deposit coins slots are functional (although not need to make a phone call) and so is the lock box (key provided) at the bottom, so not only are you getting a phone but also a surprise money box, you'll also hear the jingle of your coins going down.

Wild and Wolf are a British, award winning, design led gift company. Specialising in licensed (as well as their own) designed gifts, including licenses from: Marmite, Scrabble, Beano, V&A, and Ladybird among other.
The company has won "Gift of the year" since 2005 from The Gift Association.

You can take a look at all the products that Wild and Wolf offer right here at their website.

We also carry a large selection of other styles of telephone here at Fat Buddha, as well as a range of other quirky gifts and gadgets available on our Gadgets/Lifestyle section of our website.

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