Inside The Gadget Planet of Mr P!

Mr P he's.... naughty but nice
But certainly not sugar and spice!!

You will find these quirky little Mr P characters lurking about our Buddha Gift shop, peeking at you from behind the shelves with his mischievious little grin and his added extra fun bit he's sure to bring a wide grin to all! I'm sure he even winks and has a sneaky wee chuckle to himself sometimes!

We stock a range of  these products in Buddha Gifts and on-line for you to peruse at your leisure, enjoy and have fun with him and the gadget planet he inhabits.

Propagandist Company Limited (Propagandist) is a design company in Thailand established in 1994 by four advertising experts. The company creates everyday interior design and household objects, which are wacky and fun inspired by daring designers and the Thai sense of playfulness and love of life.

Within two years of starting business, the company expanded its product range and started exporting its wares beyond Thailand. So we can bring the wacky world he has inspired to you and into your own weird wacky world!

The lamps as illustrated are only a small selection of their products. The Mr P character is also available on mugs, ashtrays and has various incarnations in the form of tape dispensers, bookends and there's even a Mr P Cuddly toy for you to snuggle into if you so desire!

 For those amongst us concerned about our pearly whites Mr P even has a distinctive molar tooth shaped range of accessories from toothbrush holders to salt and pepper shakers! The mind boggles.

Propaganda Toothbrush Holder Mr P Propaganda Propaganda Toothbrush Holder - Thumb
 All in the name of Home Interior Styling! Well at least if it raises a giggle and a few comments amongst friends they are worth having around. They would also make fab gifts for friends or family so if you are looking for something that exudes quirky and funky taste you know where to come too! We can even gift wrap if for you in our high quality distinctive black and copper paper. We also have cards for all occasions too, so that's your birthday's, anniversaries and even just a present for present's sake all sorted!

All the above items and more are available now in  Buddha Gifts and on-line.


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