NME - Amy Winehouse tribute issue

This past week we got our first delivery of magazines in the shop. Since the closure of the very popular Borders on Buchanan street there's been a gap in Glasgow for a decent place for publications covering a wide range of topics including art, design, music and film.

We brought you coverage on Tuesday of some of the design titles we got in, but it was a pleasant suprise when we got a delivery of NME yesterday.

NME is a premier weekly music magazine delivering cutting edge stories and features on a wide array of bands and artists and is noted for launching many careers and it's bold front covers.

This weeks cover though, features Amy Winehouse who sadly died at the weekend.

It was a great sadness - and shock - when we learned the news of Amy Winehouse passing, she's hailed as a genuine British talent. Many of the tributes i've seen online have focused on her more morose songs - but I want to celebrate her with this - from her 2006 second album Back to Black - one of her more upbeat songs.

It seems a shame that someone else join the famed "27 Club". I urge you to pick up this beautifully shot tribute issue - available instore and online now, which features interviews with many artists paying their respects and coverage of some of her best interviews/shoots.



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