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The future is here…. in Polaroid shades of technicolour and silver. These fab refurbished camera models look right at home in the shiny new 21st century, the Netherland based company, Impossible, are making it possible.....by bringing them back to life and into our store. These amazing cameras provide you with hours of fun, instant photos for instant gratification! Yes you may think it a bit of a dinosaur lurking in the camera world, well a whole generation of new kids on the block are having fun and experimenting in fun innovative ways with good old-fashioned analogue instant Polaroid film. The retro vibe is alive and kicking.

The survival of these unique cameras is down to a passionate labour of love, between a former employee of the company, Andre Bosman and a man with a great zest for photography, Dr Florian Kaps, and in particular Polaroids. Their shared vision was to make the Impossible.....Possible!

These very focused men and a highly experienced group of former Polaroid employees are labouring diligently and with earnest to bring these unusual quirky cameras back to life and into your home, again!

The Impossible Project exhibit all over the world and currently have a few exhibitions on the go at the moment that will be of interest to all you creative photographers, here are the details and some examples of the images on display.

Space in Tokyo is proudly presenting a new exhibition:


It is already the 3rd collaboration between Impossible Tokyo and the Japanese photographer Takashi Homma, currently one of the most important independent photographers in Japan.

For this exhibition he has been shooting actress Kiko Mizuhara on PX 680 Color Shade FF and PX Silver Shade 600 UV+ Grey Frame. With his unique distance to the subject, Takashi is always telling us “what photography is”.

An comtemporary exhibition and rare insight into the world of the Polaroid and unique Polaroid film showing the starling effects from using this as an art medium!

There is currently another major Polaroid exhibition more closer to home :-

From Polaroid to Impossible 2011 Vienna
June 17 - August 21 2011

Westbahnstraße 40
1070 Vienna

+43 (0)1 522 66 36

An inspiring, never before seen profile of the Polaroid Collection.

This exhibition shows a representative profile of the recently saved, legendary, European part of the Polaroid Collection, featuring works by photographers such as Andy Warhol.and Ansel Adams. The eye catcher in the show are large format Polaroids (20x24 inch) taken with a special custom made camera. Conceptual art such as collages, opulent arrangements and trendy staging reflect the zeitgeist of the 70s and 80s. Next to the big names, there are also many works of outstanding photographers unknown on the art market until much recently.

Here are some examples of the images on display:-

by Mary Ellen Mark,
Mary Ellen Mark

by Stefanie Schneider,
Stephanie Schneider
by Hervé Plumet,
Herve Plumet

Happy snapping with your coveted Polaroid! And don't forget the film!

Do you think the Big Boss would let me go, on company time and expenses, to view one of these exhibitions in the interests of appreciation of photography and our product line of Cameras!!!



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