BAWBAGS Underwear

We here at Fat Buddha are very proud to be a Scottish independent store, a family owned business serving its local community. Scotland isn't the only country we serve though, we ship to customers from all over the world and stock some of the best loved clothing, footwear, gadgets and toys from all four corners of the globe. It is not often that we carry stock from Scottish companies which is why I'm glad to tell you all about bawbags!


Bawbags are a Scottish underwear company that produce eye catching boxer shorts for fellas as well as a range of hoodies, t-shirts and "smell-proof" socks. Like ourselves the company made be based in Scotland but they are now an international name thanks to their popularity with skateboarders, BMXers and snowboarders.

Not only that but they support Testicular cancer charities as well as an ape & monkey rescue centre. So every purchase of a pair of baw bags goes into helping save "baws", and the company and its customers have raised thousands of pounds for testicular cancer charity. They work with the worlds best young athletes and strive to produce the best quality of underwear they can.

"Keep em tidy" and "Check your Baws"



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