New Carhartt Items - Ziggy Pant, Carhartt Sweat and the Hooded Faculty jacket

On our last Carhartt delivery we took some new items, and some new colourways of recently added items! These include a new colourway in the Ziggy Pant and Carhartt Sweat as well as a completely new item in the Hooded Faculty jacket.

Lets have a look at some new colourways first!

The Ziggy Pant: Olive Stonewashed

The Carhartt Sweat: Cranberry

And finally a brand new style the Hooded Faculty Jacket: Navy

As usual these garments are of the highest quality from Carhartt.
The Carhartt Brand was born over a century ago, family owned now through 4 generations. It was established to deliver quality, reliable work wear throughout the USA. Since the late 1990s the Carhartt brand has evolved into developing its own unique influential image in Europe. From it's humble origins in quality work wear to high fashion street wear through the Work In Progress label, Carhartt  has the edge and the best of street wear! Using premium fabrics and specialised stitching techniques that give the wearer comfort and persistent performance at all times under all circumstances.
In it's production methods it tries to be as environmentally considerate as possible and as energy efficient as it can be. No fuss production = no fuss clothing!

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