Carhartt x Maglite!

Maglites have been around since the late seventies and become the standard piece of kit for almost everyone worldwide - from law enforcement to the family, Maglite's are renowned for their sturdiness and durability and as a result have remained the flashlight of choice even up against their huge market of competitors!

We're happy to see that, once again, these light giants have teamed up with our favourite work-to-street-wear brand Carhartt to create another fabulous collaboration - the Carhartt Mini Maglite!

A few months ago we received in the positively dinky Carhartt x Maglite Solitaire in stock, and we're glad to say that we've received it's bigger counterpart too! At 146mm it's almost twice the size of the Solitaire with a high-intensity light beam that goes from flood to spot with a simple twist of the wrist. Not only that, but it also goes from flash-light to free standing candle mode in almost no time at all - handy!

The light features the Carhartt logo printed on its length and is designed with the same rugged, machined aluminum construction which has become synonymous with the whole brand, insuring that the Mini Maglite is incredibly durable. The light is also anodized both inside and out to protect against pesky corrosion taking place. As well as that, the light is super energy-efficient with long lamp life and runs on simply 2x AA batteries! 

Maglite's are great to have in your bag or at home so what can be better than your very own Carhartt one? 



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