Breo Time!

I'm late, I'm late,
For a very important date!!!!


Here at Buddha Gifts we have a range of those dinky little Breo watches we have all come to love and admire. Since they are especially quite inexpensive and come in a variey of colours, you can have a matching watch for all your outfits and activities! Why have just one when you can have them all, so you will never have an excuse for running late!

At Breo their philosophy is quite simple!  Their key theme is simplicity and style. Their watches ooze style but without being overly fussy or with too many gadgets and gizmos! Their vision is to create for their customers innovative products that command the public’s attention and interest. Using the very latest materials, they manufacture their products to the highest possible standards with quality guaranteed. The name "Breo" signifies their "brand philosophy", which is to explore new possibilities and provide fresh perspectives and original ideas.  That means style on your wrist at all times and events.


This is the Luminex model finished with a metal strap and face and it looks just right when worn with anything it comes in other colourways and is available to buy in Buddha gifts.

Breo products appeal to people who are looking for something a little different. Sport is a key theme when it comes to their designs, so they make sure that comfort features are at the top of their wish list.. With board sports in mind, their authenticity is evident in the designs they use.
All their products are exclusive, giving the  customers who own and wear these time pieces a unique and individual style so no excuses for being late for that all important date!
Breo watches are available at Buddha Gifts and On-line.
Here are a few more examples of the colours and styles, there are more to choose from on the Fat Buddha website.


Luminex Model

Breo watches are available at Buddha Gifts and On-line.

Thanks Janice X


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