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ScandiPhone - Red

Well if you are left "Hanging on the Telephone" as in the words of the famous Blondie song, then what better way than to do it in style! We curently have several retro styled telephones on sale in the Buddha Gift Shop.

Form and function both feature in any classic design. We have in stock some of the most iconic phone designs from the later part of the 20th century. They all come with up to date technology such as push button dialing and auto redial. The result is a unique totally modern phone with a look that is sure to be of interest in your home.

The Scandi Phone as illustrated above and below, is based on the unique upright phone that was introduced throughout Europe in the mid 1950's. Smaller and lighter than anything else that was available at the time. This design was a great example of form and function in harmony.

The push button version was introduced in 1967. In 1973 the Scandi Phone was selected to be part of the New York Museum of Modern Art's Collection, in recognition of its significance as a piece of interesting design in the 20th Century. This phone is also sometimes known as "The Serpent" due to it's likeness in form to the snake shape!

The Scandi phone is also the nearest thing you can get to the phones featured in the iconic 60's show “The Prisoner”. The 1960’s British sci-fi TV series was created by and starred Patrick McGoohan. Often the secret agent “Number 6” was shown using a very similar phone to this whilst in the Village. The show's combination of 1960s countercultural themes and surreal setting had a far-reaching effect on science fiction/fantasy programming, and on popular culture in general.

The Scandi phone models we have, come all ready for 21st century technology. They all come with a lead that just plugs into your existing cable box, so plug and go!

The colours shown are available in Buddha gifts and on-line now!



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