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Better Off Dead - The Ancient Call Range

This week sees the arrival of the latest brand to arrive at Fat Buddha Store, the main brands is FALSE, but this sub line 'Better Off Dead' takes a pop at many of the 'designer brands' and with some interesting takes on their corporate logo.

We have been looking at False for a few years and every season Amanda gives the store a call, asks how we are, 'loves the store' and maybe we can work together, this season was the right time, we had moved to the new store, our price point was higher and with the new look we could carry a brand as good as Better off Dead, we hope you enjoy as we sure do, go view the range, the prints are lovely and their is a lot of love for these guys.

Better Off Dead - LV Rituals 'The Ancient Call' T

Better Off Dead - CC Rituals 'The Ancient Call' T

FALSE is one of the early purveyors of independent fashion anarchism. The brand has been functioning as an evolving propaganda to Le Messie’s visions on societies illusions. His mixed media artworks constantly work on re-emerging themes of breaking down social bourgeois structural views laid on by the so called “mass elite”. Often harboring dark under-line meanings, his strong influence to mystical aesthetics often draw about a deep question into the relation of his art and it’s viewer, often functioning in it’s own individual life-like form. All garments are individually hand-screened and hand-finished by FALSE. FALSE is parent brand to Better Off DeadFallacy Of RomeFALSE Sounds &Anti-Anti.

Better Off Dead - Kill 'The Ancient Call' T

The FALSE Workshop // D.I.Y Ethos: Here at FALSE we’re strong advocates of the D.I.Y brand mindset. We are very proud to be able to say that we produce 90% of our goods vertically in-house. We personally go through each products craftsmanship from inception to culmination. Honoring the roles of postmodern craftsman we take into a sort of spiritual context the level of quality over quantity, integrity and substance with us as individuals and as a brand on a whole. We base a lot of our methods on classic techniques from silkscreening styles used for our printing to individual construction methods bridging modern styled garments and goods with a traditional craftsman’s touch. FALSE goods and crafts are more a passion induced art piece than fashion item, FALSE hand-crafted goods exude a substance and message like none other. You must own a piece to definitively feel and know the difference. We are proud to be one of the only brands out there today that is still able to maintain a brand of this independent nature where trade is still being made directly between craftsman & client and where message, integrity and ethos hold reign over our entire output and existence. -Le Messie & Amanda S.

Better Off Dead - Devil 'The Ancient Call' T

Better Off Dead - YSL Bones 'The Ancient Call' T

Better off Dead - Pagan 'The Ancient Call' T

Better off Dead - Jabba No Like 'Star Flaws' T 

Better Off Dead - LV Ewoks 'Star Flaws' T

“FALSE comes in at #24 (& Voted Users Top No.1) on Complex’s: The 100 Best T-Shirts Of The 2000’s” -Complex Magazine

“There’s a brand called FALSE from Singapore that my friends Le Messie and Amanda run – they make everything by hand, screen all the T-shirts, evertyhing. Brands can change their names over the years; they had many different faces, so i got their whole chronology. All their brands and t-shirts – I keep the collection in boxes.” -Lupe Fiasco “Grammy Award Winner”

FALSE is listed on “Lupe’s Legendary” alongside, Banksy, Nigo, Damien Hirst, Unkle, etc. -Complex Magazine

The founder of FALSE, Le Messie, is a literal jack of all creative trades. Graphic artist. Printer. Musician. His success in all realms is frankly frightening.” -Nick Schonberger/

“There are so many different personalities within streetwear, so many deserve more credit than they receive. Someone who I have a great deal of respect for is Le Messie of False. If you read his blog here at Slam X Hype, you will know of his intelligent approach to not only his business of art and design, but to life itself.” -Adam Bryce/

Once upon a time DJs were the new rock stars. Today, it’s safe to say that t-shirt designers are the new DJs. Case in point is Singapore designer “le messie,” the lower-case moniker mastermind behind the infinitely cool FALSE label. Made with a truly painstaking attention to detail, the label’s made its name on the back of bold, attention-grabbing designs.” -BPM Magazine

“Le Messie and Amanda Scully, the husband and wife team behind the exclusive brand FALSE, have garnered global praise by keeping quality high and design detailed.” -Nylon Guys Magazine

FALSE is an exclusive, luxury streetwear label, whose priorities stay true to the ethos of extremely limited numbers, hand screen printed and hand finished garments of peerless quality.”

I don’t really post everything for obvious reasons, but once in a while you want to give a shout out to a brand that’s doing its thing. Enter False. The Singaporean brand has made a splash through the years, especially with the addition of Lupe Fiasco.” -Luis Ruano/Hypebeast


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