New Rebel 8 T-shirts - Instore and online!

We took a delivery of new Rebel 8 T-shirts yesterday at Fat Buddha, so we've got three new styles available in both white and black colourways. The names of the three tee's are: Clean Cholo, R8 Logo 3D and Ball & Chain.

Firstly we'll have a look at the Clean Cholo:

The Ball & Chain:

And my favourite the R8 Logo 3D:

As mentioned earlier all designs come in both black and white t-shirts which are all 100% cotton.

Founded in 2003 Rebel 8 was started by two friends, both enthusiastic artists combining their diverse talents. The Rebel 8 products draw their inspiration from graffiti, skate and tattoo cultures. The two friends run the label, one utilising his extensive business skills and the other his very stylistic artwork.
Every graphic printed onto a Rebel 8 item of clothing is an exact reproductions of the artists original work leading to a more authentic feel than a lot of today's mass produced clothes.
Their style and commitment not only to their art but their roots have made them a huge force on the street wear scene.

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