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Street Art Doodle Book: Outside the Lines

Street Art Doodle Book
outside the lines!

We just reveived a delivery of some fab art books that will let you scribble away an evening using your creative instincts and will sure to bring out that inner child we all have inside us!

This one in particular will sure be fun and will give you hours of creative fun as those Autumnul evenings beckon us in front of a cosy  fire! What better way to spend the evening with some colouring pencils, crayons, felt pens, paint pens or just whatever your art medium is, this book and you are all set to colour in some fun and even bizarre images. Here is a message from Dave The Chimp a Uk based artist and the who guy who compiled it:

Grown-ups have no idea what us kids want to see and do. We know that painting and drawing and making things is FUN!

Luckily, some grown-ups never forget this, and that’s why they become artists, so that the fun of making and doing never stops! All the drawings in this book are made by artists that usually make their art in the street,sometimes called “Graffiti” or “Street” artists. Names such as Buff Monster from the USA, The Yok from Australia and Ichi Bunny from Japan.
They put art in places it’s not supposed to be, make art to make the world smile, like to have fun and don’t care about the rules. And they don’t care if you colour inside or outside of the lines.

So have fun with this book. Fill the pages with colour, add your own drawings, or add extra bits to the ones already here or just copy the ones that are here. It's your vision, your creation.Cut them out and stick them on your bedroom walls, your kitchen or your special chilling out space. Help us to make this world a more colourful place.

And remember - outside the lines is fine, fun and naughty!

Street Art Doodle Book enables you to find your inner street artist without even having to leave your home. Aimed at children, small and tall, this book challenges you to create your own street art on the page, inspired by some of the best street artists from around the globe.

Dave the Chimp is an artist, designer and illustrator originally from London but now based in Berlin. He is a respected street artist and also designs graphics for Hessenmob Skateboards. He began his own brand of character-driven graffiti ten years ago..

Colouring books are boring and old-fashioned! So this is a new take on an old hobbey with 21st century new ideas! So get scribbling and get creative!

Available now in-store and on the Fat Buddha website.

Enjoy scribbling! Janice X


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