Going Out - Naive - Tensnake + Tiger & Woods (Live)

Naïve returns this autumn with a slightly deeper focus, hoping to build on the Gallic interpretations of House and Electro that they’ve offered in the past. French Touch was always one community's interpretation of multiple strands of electronic music; space disco, sound scapes and filter effects merged with the influences of Chicago and Detroit. They hope to embrace that spirit of variety as they move forward, firstly presenting two fine examples of deep, disco dyed House in Tensnake and Tiger & Woods this Saturday (13th October) at Chambre 69 in Glasgow.

You can’t really introduce Tensnake without mention of his stellar ‘Coma Cat’ production of 2010. The track brought him to the forefront of electronic music, with a ubiquitous presence whether in credible end of year compilation charts or on mainstream radio. His success helped push contemporaries like Soul Clap and the Wolf & Lamp crew forward, entrenching a trend for rich, deep beats and slow disco influences that he himself had displayed on earlier tracks like ‘In the End’ and ‘Holding Back’. Recent releases from the Hamburg native have followed a similar, steady pattern, with ‘Need Your Lovin’ and ‘Something about You’ reinforcing his status as a heavyweight producer.

The mysterious duo Tiger & Woods have perhaps followed a similar path to Tensnake, embracing slow jams and disco edits on the way to the release of the smartly sampled ‘Through the Green’ album. The ‘future boogie’ tag has been thrown around to tie down their sound, one that blurs the lines between slo-mo edits and sample heavy house. Their impressive live performances have gained them wide acclaim, be it at Sonar Festival 2011 or here in Glasgow this past New Year’s Eve, and the combination on this bill with Tensnake should make for something extra special. Joining them will be the much heralded home talent of HaHaHa, part of the backbone of Glasgow’s growing High Sheen label, London based vocallist and visual artist Py as well as Vitamins' lynchpin Tanner.

| Tensnake (Live)
| Tiger & Woods (Live)
| Support from HaHaHa, Py and Tanner.

 Saturday 13th October @ Chambre 69 
11pm - 3am
£7 Early Bird tickets have sold out.
£10 Standard tickets are available from - http://t-s.co/tensn.


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