Hottie of the Week! - Mila Kunis

This weeks hottie is the sexy Mila Kunis. Now what can you say about Mila Kunis that hasn't already been said, she is best known for her roles in the films Black Swan, Ted and Friends with Benefits and also being the voice of 'Meg' in Family Guy and in case you hadn't noticed she is smokin hot!

I think I speak on behalf of the entire male population of the world when I say that Mila is very possibly the sexiest woman alive, even Esquire agrees, as they have just bestowed that very title on her!

Luckily for us, to celebrate being crowning Mila the sexiest woman alive, Esquire has gifted us this cracking collection of snaps of her in very little clothes making it impossible to argue with their selection, life is good!


Anonymous said…
"For him from the window
Alone I spy;
For him alone
From home go I..."

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