Brooks England Saddles

Famous saddle manufacturers and purveyors of all fine bicycle related goods Brooks England are the next brand we are happy to welcome instore at Fat Buddha Store. The brand started out making bicycle saddles in 1866 in Hockley Birmingham and are now based in Smethwick Birmingham England.

The fundamental design of a Brooks saddle is a leather top stretched between a metal "cantle plate" at the rear and a nose piece, to which it is attached with steel or copper rivets. Using a threaded bolt, the nose piece can be moved forward independently of the rails, tensioning the leather. It is important not to over-tension the leather or it may tear, especially at the rivets. Normally the nose bolt should not be adjusted unless the saddle becomes noticeably sagged, in which case it should only be adjusted in fractions of a turn until the top is comfortable again.

After a certain period of use, which can be from 100 miles to 1,000 miles depending on the leather used to make the top, the saddle visibly moulds itself to the rider and "dimples" appear where the " Sit Bones" normally rest. This is caused by fibres in the leather breaking down under the weight of the rider. The saddle is normally more comfortable by this stage, although some riders find that no break-in period is necessary for comfort and other riders never find a Brooks saddle comfortable, even after many thousands of miles.

Touring cyclists, especially those based in the UK, frequently choose Brooks saddles. Leather saddles are two or three times heavier than modern plastic or carbon-fibre designs but, for some riders, the traditional appearance and long-distance comfort make this a worthwhile trade-off.

Alongside the various colours and models of saddles we will also be supplying leather bar tape, trouser straps, leather grips and day packs all available very soon instore and online at Fat Buddha Store.


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