Converse for the Winter!

Now, when you think of durable, hard wearing footwear, you really can't go wrong with a pair of Converse which look equally as good brand new or seriously worn in.
When it comes to winter footwear though, you begrudgingly have to retire your Chucks to the back of the wardrobe until better weather reappears, but fear not Converse have a solution! 
The Converse Major Mills X-Hi is a fantastic new boot which is sure to see you through the winter months ahead. Named after the founder Marquis Mills Converse, the boot is comprised of a premium water resitant leather upper, a durable toecap and a rubber wedge outsole.
The quality and durability of this boot is undeniable and it was actually winterized boots like these that Converse originally produced in the early 1900's before they turned their hand to more athletic shoes.
 If you're looking for a winter boot, look no further these are available instore and online now!


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