Daft Punk 1000% Bearbrick

We all love Daft Punk, and Medicom seem to love the m more than us, they have worked with Daft Punk a few times on the 400% range, this time sees the 1000% version, big and bold the Daft Punk Medicom Bearbrick is sure to be a must for any collector, for anyone who has lived in a cave, heres a small bit of history on Daft Punk

Daft Punk came to prominence in the late 90's when the French duo championed the house music movement, intertwining 'synthpop' with their french house sound.
The first record to be released was in 1997 when Homework exploded onto the music scene annd filled a void, the album sales were driven by singles 'Robot Rock' & 'Technologic' which were massive in the UK, 2007 seen the release of the live album called 'Alive 2007'

2010 was a massive moment when they composed the score for the 'Tron' remake, 'Tron Legacey', Tron was always going to be a defining moment with so many people yearning for the movie release.

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