Hottie of the Week - Anna Kendrick!

Taking the hottie honours for this week is the incredibly sexy and equally hilarious Anna Kendrick.

Rising to international fame in 2008/9 with appearances alongside George Clooney in 'Up in the Air' and a prominent role in the hugely successful 'Twilight' series of films, Anna has become a fan favourite amongst movie-goers for her quirky personality and her comedic abilities.

Anna has since gone on to star in critically acclaimed films such as '50/50' alongside Joseph Gordon Levitt, 'End of Watch' alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and in possibly her biggest role to date in 'Pitch Perfect'.

She recently appeared in a racy spread for American GQ magazine and offered some rather interesting dating advice.

Its something special when you find a chick as hot as Anna that is also genuinely funny, thats why we love her!


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