Hottie of the Week - Cassie Scerbo!

This week's hottie, Cassie Scerbo, may be a bit of an unknown to a lot of people but she is the talk of the internet, with her upcoming starring role in Syfy's 'interesting' new movie - 'Sharknado'.

The 23 year old actress from Long Island, New York, began her acting career in 2005, but it wasn't until 2008 where she was afforded her big break with a starring role in the fourth of the 'Bring It On' series of films 'Bring It On: In It to Win It'.

Cassie also appeared as 'Lauren Tanner' in the American television drama, 'Make It or Break It' which managed to make it to our shores sporadically on E4.

Syfy screen their original film, 'Sharknado' on Wednesday starring Cassie Scerbo. Apparently its about a giant tornado full of sharks that reaks havoc in LA, sounds pretty....interesting....


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