Going Out - Streetrave & The Arches present Danny Tenaglia

STREETrave & The Arches are very proud to present a legend. After an 18 year chase they have finally managed to secure their holy grail. Not played in Scotland for over 12 years.....Never played for STREETrave or Colours and never played at Scotlands No. 1 venue The Arches......However tonight (Friday 16th August )this will all change...... They bring to Glasgow the one and only Danny Tenaglia.

Danny Tenaglia's love affair with music, and the world's subsequent romance with him, is one of the critical veins in the body of dance music. He is every dancer's secret discovery; a random purchase at the record store, a reluctant night out that unexpectedly turned magic. Explosive success came not behind a major label release, or a world tour, or a radio hit remix: It happened when enough people had the private Tenaglia experience for themselves.

As in every year since his DJ odyssey began, all across the globe, from Acapulco to Tokyo, more people experienced their first night with Danny Tenaglia, that clubber rite-of-passage that forever changes how you listen to music, go out to nightclubs, and think about DJs.

You will be able to experience a magical DJ set from this legend in Scotland's at the Arches tonight.

EARLY BIRD TICKETS £20 + BF (Limited number available)/STANDARD TICKETS £25 + BF


Available from:

The Arches Box Office
Tickets Scotland (Glasgow & Edinburgh)


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