Fat Buddha - 10 year anniversary!

If you were to travel back to the early days of 2005 and enlighten us of our impending success we may have taken the news with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, here we are a decade later having attained the moniker of top independent menswear retailer in Glasgow. A difficult feat to accomplish when taking into consideration the competition, but a feat achieved regardless with poise and persistence.

Having acquired exclusive accounts at the very beginning from the likes of streetwear giants such as  the Hundreds, Rebel 8 & Benny Gold, it was apparent we were going to fill a gap in the Glasgow market, let alone partially alter the climate of premium menswear in the city.

Ten years on and a plethora of accounts later we remain eternally grateful for having such premium and exclusive brands bestowed upon us. From acquiring the first account in Glasgow from Danish dons Wood Wood to be being blessed with the Holy Grail that is the Nike Quickstrike account, we can only hope our future is as bright and prosperous as our history has shown us.

For a closer look behind the scenes, check out this interview in the Evening Times here.

For further info check out the Fat Buddha website.

Words by Dahl Palfrey.


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