WE SHOULD HANG OUT MORE w/ Marcus Marr - La Cheetah Club

Well well well! Finally a pay check buffer to put the festive over-spend to bed; what better way to enjoy personal-fiscal-recovery than hanging out more?

If that is a statement you can relate to on any level then keep reading; for the first time since their electric launch night We Should Hang Out More are back in La Cheetah Club! Even better still, they've got the pleasure to welcome one of London’s best up and coming selectors, re-mixers, and producers; Marcus Marr!

Playing all over Europe and in the US, Marcus plays wide-ranging DJ sets that show the scope of his influences from disco to house to techno, peppering them with new, unreleased grooves and his own personal edits of classic material. He’s definitely one not to miss, with a release scheduled on DFA RECORDS this month, those in the know see big things for this talented man. And guess what?
Yep; El Horno and Shahaa Tops will be stoking the fires under the disco boiler in their usual inimitable way with the one and only ‘phat man Bhatman’ presenting your eyes with a visual orgasm from start to finish!

Doors open at 11pm tonight with tickets £7 OTD. Early birds should head over to Resident Advisor here to pick up advance tickets for £5.


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