Universal Works Spring/Summer 2015

The ethos of Universal Works since its inception has been to create well crafted, exceptionally tailored and distinctly understated garments. Whilst appealing to a universal market the brand embodies the British tailoring traditions espoused by Beau Brummell which reject elaborate ornamentation in favour of bespoke tailoring. 

This season the onus is on contemporary fits, functionality and understated refinement. Their spring/summer collection for 2015 takes its inspiration from a mixtures of sources including 1980's casual sportswear, 1950s relaxed silhouettes and 19th century toiles somehow combining disparate elements with key Universal Work design elements to achieve a coherent collection. 

Featuring fine cords and chambray tailoring across a range of jackets, knits, tees and blazers emphasis has been place on wearability with comfort mixed with a clean, well styled aesthetic for  the guy wanting a no fuzz chic look. Colour wise the pallet features a range of olives, blues and grey hues.  

Key pieces from the collection will be available instore and online shortly. You can shop our full selection of Universal Works here


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