Music Monday

This weeks musical round up features young producer Mike WiLL Made-It's Drinks on Us, footage from Kayne West and Rihanna's surprise performance at the Roc Nation's Super Bowl Party and exerts from HYPETRAK's interview with T-Pain.

Mike WiLL Made-It featuring The Weeknd, Swae Lee & Future - Drinks On Us (Remix):
We're loving the latest track "Drinks On Us' from young producer Mike WiLL Made-It's Ransom Mixtape. The track features Swae Lee and Future along with the smooth vocals of The Weeknd resulting in a tight production. Head over to Hypebeast here to listen to full track.

Kayne West & Rihanna at Roc Nation's Super Bowl Party:
Kanye West and Rihanna delighted fans at the Roc Nation Super Bowl Party with a surprise performance. Kayne performed a rendition of "Only One" his latest hit with Paul McCartney to a crowd including 2 Chainz, Chrissy Teigen and Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul. Some fans were able to capture this footage of the moment:

T-Pain Interview:
Fresh from surprising us all with his performance for NPR Tiny Desk rapper T-Pain talks to HYPETRAK about his music and upcoming album Stoicville: The Phoenix. Head over to HYPETRAK here to read the full interview of check out some exerts below:
One of your more recent singles from your upcoming album is “Coming Home,” which is a tribute to those serving in our armed forces, can you tell us what inspired you to do this track?
Basically I was on the road for a long damn time after sitting at home for a while and getting used to that, and I just felt like, “Man, I wanna go home.” And it made me think of our soldiers all around the world and I just couldn’t even imagine how they feel. And you know they don’t really have a song or anything paying attention to them besides all the bad sh*t going on right now, so I just decided to make something upbeat and positive for them and that’s how “Coming Home” happened.
You’re about ready to release your fifth studio album soon titled Stoicville: The Phoenix, what’s the main message or story you’re looking to tell with your new album?
I guess the main message is, “Do what you want.” Don’t let anybody steer you in the wrong way; even if it’s the “right” way to go. I always tell my people that you can try to steer me in the way you want me to go but if I f*ck up my life, I’m glad that it’s on me. If I make the wrong decision, I’m glad it’s my decision. I don’t want to have somebody else make a decision for me and f*ck up my life and then wonder what if had I made my own decision. I tried to kill the “what if” and basically that’s the message – just kill the what if.
Can you give a little more detail on the concept and meaning behind The Phoenix?
The phoenix is all about rising from the ashes. I’m coming back as a whole other beast, like now I have a point to prove. Before I was just doing my thing, but now I go a point to prove and I feel like I’m going rise from the ashes as the phoenix.


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