Music Monday - Jamie xx, Kendrick Lamar, Stuart Cosgrove Detroit 67 Book Launch

This Music Monday we have videos of Kendrick Lamar's surprise performance with Reebok and of Jamie xx's new track "Loud Places" along with the low down on tomorrow's launch party for Stuart Cosgrove's new book Detroit 67: The Year That Changed Soul.

Jamie xx ft Romy "Loud Place" - Music Video

Following on from the announcement of his upcoming debut album In Colour we touched on last week Jamie xx has dropped the video for his most recent track "Loud Places". The xx's front woman Romy Madley-Croft takes centre stage in a video which see the rectangular motif featured heavily in the xx's recent releases transition into a reel of darkened scene as the duo skates through London. Check out the video below:

Kendrick Lamar Reebok Surprise Performance - Video

With Kendrick Lamar receiving his first number one debut on the US Billboard 200 with his critically acclaimed To Pimp a Butterfly his star continues to rise. The week seen the most unusual of performances with Kendrick cruising Sunset Boulevard atop an 18-wheeler for a surprise show with the help of sponsor Reebok. Check out the official video for the event below:

Detroit 67 Book Launch with Stuart Cosgrove & DJ Harri
Tomorrow sees the launch party for Stuart Cosgrove's amazing new book Detroit 67: The Year That Changed Soul at the Sub Hub Loft Space on Buchanan Street.

Sub Hub & KILTR welcomes professional journalist, broadcaster, and Channel 4 television executive Stuart Cosgrove. Stuart was a staff writer with the black music paper Echoes and Face, Media Editor with the NME and a feature writer for a range of newspapers and magazines.

During this event Stuart will talk about his long awaited book, Detroit67. Afterwards DJ Harri will provide an exclusive rare Soul set recorded straight from Stuart Cosgrove's record collection.

Detroit67 is the story of the city of Detroit in the most dramatic and creative year in its history. It is the story of Motown, the breakup of The Supremes and the implosion of the most successful African-American record label ever, set against a backdrop of urban riots, escalating war in Vietnam and police corruption. The book weaves through the year as counterculture arrives in Detroit and the city's other famous group the proto-punk band MC5 go to war with mainstream America. The year ends in intense legal warfare as the threads that bind Detroit together unravel and leave a chaos that scars the city for decades to come.

Head over to the Facebook event for more details here.

7.00: Event Opens Promptly
7.30 - 8.00: Stuart Cosgrove - Meet & Greet
8.00- 8.45: Q&A - Stuart Cosgrove with Paul Crawford
8.45 - 9.45: Harri Soul Mix


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