Grooming Essentials for the Modern Gentleman

Guys need pampered just as much as women do! (For the most part anyway). Our skin gets dry, our beards need oiled, our hair needs washed eventually and sometimes our faces just need a good scrub. A few years ago some of us might have shied away from conversing openly about our daily routine, especially if it involved moisturisers and face scrubs and whatnot, but this is 2015 and we no longer need hang our head in shame when it comes to self preservation.
Here at Fat Buddha we pride ourselves in having a varied selection of grooming options from around the globe and thought we would share our discoveries with our fellow gents.

The On The Road travel kit from New Zealand based grooming company, Triumph & Disaster, delivers an excellent all round kit ideal for dealing with a weekend of revelry. Consisting of a wash suited for head to toe, a cleanser to prepare the face, shaving cream and a moisturiser to lock in and maintain all that hard work.

The Lucky Tiger brand has been around since 1935 and has produced grooming 'tonics' for men ever since. The Essential Kit includes a face wash, shaving formula, after shave tonic and moisturiser which all use a relatively unchanged recipe since their creation over 80 years ago providing a classic and refined grooming experience.

Beginning their journey into men's grooming in 1965, Baxter of California originally created a lotion to deal with the formidable sun which is a constant presence over there especially when spending all your time at the beach. After years of dedication, the Travel Kit from Baxter provides all the essentials for dealing with worn and dry skin. From a face hydrator to artisan shampoo, the travel kit covers all bases and comes in a delightful waterproof washbag.

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