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If you are at the point where you feel like you are doing everything right with a stocked wardrobe full of superior garments but still feel like there is an aesthetic void needing filled then maybe you need to up your accessory game, and what better way to start on such an essential component of our daily uniform than to find the perfect time piece.

Staying true to the Wood Wood gospel, the minimalist W.W watch from the Danish brand delivers a military style wristwatch as part of their SS15 'Class of Now' collection. Built from a black lightweight nylon strap and featuring minimal branding, the watch is ideal for those who prefer to keep it clean and simple.

The Weekender from Timex shown below provides a more traditional approach with its stainless steel shell and vintage style numbering partnered up with an authentic brown leather strap. The timepiece is light and nimble plus highly adaptable to almost any outfit, formal or not.

The 48-20 from Nixon starts to venture out towards the more adventurous end of the spectrum while still maintaining a high level of sophistication with its monochromatic tones and solid 3-link bracelet. While appearing to look on the large side, the 48-20 is actually a reduced version of its bigger brother, the 51-30, yet still packs in all the original features such as a date, hour and minute chronograph.

Remember being little and rifling through an Argos catalogue (or Index depending on how old you are) and stumbling across the Casio TV remote watch? Well the GW9400-1ER
can't change the channel but with technical features such as directional, barometric and altitude meters, the watch is enough to appease any grown man's yearning for nostalgic gadgetry, plus who would want to be indoors with this kit from the Japanese watch giants anyway?

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