Going Out - Cosmic Third Birthday - Principals

Celebrating three years of Cosmic with the three Principals.... Tasker, Charles Drakeford and Bradley Zero


Nic Tasker~ Boiler Room's Tasker is the man behind London Based label Whities (Young Turks launched), as well as hosting his own NTS radio show "88 Transition". With a string of incredible releases by the sub label Whities, Tasker boasts an impressive reputation which is completed by his ability as a selector.

Charles Drakeford~ FTD record label owner, Boiler Room host/programmer and one third of London's Principals. Drakeford's excellent radio show 'From the Depths" provides a diverse range of sounds perfect for the berkeley booth and more importantly the cosmic cruiser.

Bradley Zero~ Founder of one of the most exciting imprints/labels/institutions "Rhythm Section International", Bradley Zero is hailed as one of the best selectors in the game, as well as playing a pivitol role at Boiler Room hosting/programming alongside Tasker and Drakeford. His Ryhtm Section label has exploded in recent times taking Mr Zero and his infectious partying worldwide.

Together these three unique individuals combine to run the Principals club night in London!


£5 before Midnight
£8 after
11pm- 3am
Berkeley Suite


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