Blog post turns to pure hate

If any of you have read any of my recent posts on my blog you'll no doubt know that I've been trying to bring on the early offset of arthritis by spanking the plastic plank in Guitar Hero and Rock Band (Rock Band is the best) well it's still got me in a musical mood so I thought I'd post up some wicked tracks that you should listen to that feature on these games. (Today's post will be short cos Blogger is driving mental, seriously it's really crap I'm typing 3 letters and it's pinging my computer setting off security nonsense, I think it's the autosave but it doesn't happen on my blog on the same computer...)

Blue Oyster Cult (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Cherub Rock.....

I was this angry

Sorry I'm going to have to stop before I smash this computer to bits. If I have the chance I'll come back and re-edit. There's nothing worse than having typed for ages then looking at the screen to find a f**king security warning and only 3 words of what you've written. Half the time when you sign in it chucks an error at you plus when you publish a post it likes to add in about four extra lines of space between paragraphs. Screw the song list, I'll just leave you with the pure hate for now. :( It probably makes a better read anyhow.

Now I'm only this angry.


Air Jordans said…
Thanks for adding the new information, as well as your analysis. This is why your blog is one of the few I read that I also ever bother to comment on. I don't do it to hear myself talk - I do it because I know you actually listen.
Cheap Jordans said…
This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. It's very beneficial for me, Thank you for sharing!
New Jordans said…
I just ran across your wonderful blog today.It's very beneficial for me, Keep coming up with ideas.
Retro Jordan said…
Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed your most recent post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have natural ability for blogging!

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