Whats to come.

He guys, there is going to be a change to my blog post every Saturday. Instead of random info, i will be going through the Fat Buddha stock and showing you how everything works and try and teach you something about it, unless you already know it of course. So here's a short list of a few things coming up in the weeks to follow:
  • Basic can control
  • Which cap does what
  • Show how you use the Clash Burners
  • show you how some of the colours come out and some cool colour schemes
  • Show you all the different markers and how to use them
  • Use the transparent colours.... and loads more

I will try my best to take pictures and videos of all the steps i go through and of any work i do. If you would like something to be tested leave a comment and ill add it to the list.


idlechimp said…
This is going to be a great feature! Looking forward to reading and seeing these posts!
thanks for the comment. Hoping everything turns out well, if you have any suggestions drop me a comment and i'll see what i can do
Thanks, Calum.

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