Paint Pen Tutorial

Hi guys, this is the first ever tutorial for the fat buddha graffiti supplies. This week I'll be showing you how to use the 15mm paint marker from Monstercolours. Fat Buddha stocks a wide range of colours, and the monster colours markers are also available in 30mm and with ink, instead of paint.

The Marker above is a dark blue, When you buy it in the shop the paint is in the chamber but not yet ready to use. To start the paint flowing you have to remove the lid, turn the pen upside down and pump the nib in and out uptill the tip is flooded with paint.

Once the nib is full of paint your ready to write. The more you pump the nib the more the paint will flow so if you want a drippy tag press-down and write, but if you prefere a cleaner tag fill the nib once and write without pressing down. The nib itself is chisle shaped, this means that you lines are fat one way but thinner the other. The nib is also re-placeable if it gets damaged, but the pen should write on most surfaces.

The colour is great and covers well. The marker is smooth and easy to write with, and the paint in the marker is water-proof and fade proof.

Thanks for reading,

Regards calum


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