If you're anything like me...

...you probably spend a great deal (i.e. too much) of your life shopping for fashion related things or considering shopping for fashion related things. The remainder of your life is taken up by wishing you hadn't just spent so much on fashion related things.

Anyway, to the point-New York fashion. Really the place to hit in NY is SoHo and NoHo (for selected things). It's like Harajuku in Tokyo, Camden in London and Bath St in Glasgow. That last one's still jarring with me...

On my travels here I visited the tucked-off-mental-Lafayette, unassuming-yet-cool Stussy flag store.

None of these are my photos-didn't take my camera this day. The Stussy store carried a lot of an impressive range, still really dig their sweatshirts. The space was one of the former meatpacking blocks it seemed and was suitably kitted out in minimalist style. Really nice place and reasonable pricing.
This place was a nightmare to catch open, but the Recon store was really sweet. Grabbed one new tee before remembering we stock it at Fat Buddha (duh...) but the staff were helpful and atmosphere was Stussy style chilled.

I've already spoken about NikeTown and my disappointment in everything there apart from the iD section (which you can get on the net for similar prices anyway) and the adidas store was remarkably same in its total blandness. Completely vapid/soulless and lacking the qualities that make these brands standout streetwear staples. 

If you're looking for a cheap, basic stockist of everything you could want, try Transit on Lafayette.
Two pairs of sneakers for $140? Not half bad...brands included Nike, Converse, Puma, adidas, Ed Hardy, C1rca and Zoo York. Design was basic and hearing Lil John at several million decibels didn't enhance my desire to hang about and try something on. 

The place I did buy stuff, and regretted doing so, was Michael K just down the street. They sold much what Transit sold but with a bit more of a laid back atmosphere. I actually felt happy to try on some stuff and relax. Sadly, the staff service was so truly terrible I nearly lost the will to live in waiting on a size via their convoluted system of communication and retrival. The desk service took nearly 20mins: I was standing thinking "all I want to do is give you money, is that so hard?" Bought Mogan Mids in Bucks colours and a Nike 6.0 tee for $89. 

So what's the look for this summer in New York? For ladies, it's pastel colour dresses, Wrangler jeans, American Apparel tees and flip flops from what I can gather. For guys, follow as below:
I honestly saw this outfit so much I could believe it came as a pack from one shop. And the pack was free.

Sorry for the extended blog here, shoving everyone off the page it seems. Still trying to cling to New York I guess: cold reality of Glasgow has hit me, mainly in the form of never ending rain. 

Lastly, big congrats to the big man, Leslie, this week on what should be a fantastic week for him and Siobhan. 




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