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Travel is great, get to fly to all manner of cool exotic places, been to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Vegas, London & Hamburg, this time it was the home of Black Sabbath and Saxon the brummie rockers.

Birmingham is the conference capital of England, and to this fine city me and Gill my sis went, Autumn fair had got us down there. Flying down on monday morn was a relief as last time we took a 5hr car journey which was long and crap, even better since the flights only cost £85 for 2 returns.

Show was average, best thing we seen was the floodlight, a table lamp with 6 bulbs, it will be avialable in November and the best bit is it only costs £60, we have ordered 6 of them so dont take to long as i reckon they wont last long.

Also check out the gun lamp, only £25, as is the robot lamp below, all due in the same time.

After the show, whats a guy to do, few pints of stella a great indian curry and a few bottles of wine, slept like a baby that night for sure.

Fat Buddhas other owner is the fave sis Gill below, not so silent and keeps the accounts in check, we do all the trade shows together.


Anonymous said…
Not the best pic of myself!
Silent but violent....

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