Roll up! Roll up!!!

If you're out and about in old Glasgow town on Wednesday 24th of September (tomorrow as of the posting of this article) get yourself along to the QMU at 22 University Gardens in the West end to check out the Glasgow Craft Mafia indie market. There'll be lots of cool things for you see and buy so don't be shy!!

If you've been into the shop or had a look at all the wonderful wares online you'll no-doubt have seen the vast array of urban vinyl art toys FBS stock. Well if you've checked them out and you'd like to know more about just what the hell they are and what will be getting released in the future you should check out Toy Break. Episodes are available direct from the site and on itunes so you can catch up on your commute. The hosts are the owners of October Toys and they are good people. Two of them are top notch sculptors and they may well have sculpted something in your collection.


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