V Magazine - Dynamic Duos Spring 2013

The new copy of V Magazine has just arrived through the door and is a special collector's edition featuring lots of dynamic duos. The front cover features Kate Moss and Rihanna, with a few selected copies signed by the singer herself.

V Magazine was launched in September 1999 as the younger sibling publication to the limited-edition quarterly Visionaire.V is large-format and visually-driven, international in scope and collaborative in spirit. V is a magazine about fashion with all the things that go with it, art, music, film, architecture…you name it. Before V was put into print, they thought of it this way: Imagine a wall of forty-four televisions, each tuned to a different station. Today you would need a wall of 250 televisions, but it's still a good way to think of the insane and unpredictable mix of people, places, and things that V celebrates in its pages. V is a place where uptown meets downtown, celebrities mingle with total unknowns, high art converses with underground culture. Chic, wacky, fun, fabulous…in a letter: V.

The Spring 2013 issue features more dynamic duos such as Yoko Ono & Sean Lennon, Lady Gaga & Try Carter, Solange Knowles & Devonte Hynes and much much more. The current issue is available now at Fat Buddha Store alongside lots more great publications covering Fashion, Art, Music Architecture and loads more. You can check them out here.


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