Music Monday - Iron and Wine!

Prolific folk singer-songwriter Iron and Wine is set to release his fifth studio album 'Ghost on Ghost' next week and the good folks over at NPR have managed to snag themselves a stream of the album for our enjoyment!

Sam Beam, from North Carolina, released his first album under the moniker Iron and Wine titled 'The Creek Drank The Cradle' on Sub Pop records in 2002. The album was entirely written, performed, recorded and produced by Beam in his home studio and featured acoustic guitars, banjos and slide guitars, drawing a number of comparisons to Nick Drake, Simon Garfunkel and Neil Young

In 2004, Beam released his second studio album 'Our Endless Numbered Days', this time recording in a professional studio in Chicago with acclaimed music producer Brian Deck. The sound of his second album differed slightly, due to the inclusion of other band members for the first time and with the increase in production quality. In the same year, the hit movie Garden State featured Iron and Wines 'Such Great Heights', a cover he had recorded of a track by The Postal Service, exposing him to a new legion of fans.

'The Shepherds Dog', the third studio album from Iron and Wine, was released in 2007 and featured Joey Burns and Paul Niehaus of Calexico and jazz musicians Matt Lux and Rob Burger. The album was named to many end of year 'Best Album' lists for 2007 and really solidified Beams reputation as a musician.

Over the years, Iron and Wine's music has been used in numerous TV shows and films such as Grey's Anatomy, House, Twilight and Garden State, evidently used because of the unique emotional connections that Beam creates with his music.

After a hiatus of four years, Iron and Wine returned in 2011 with 'Kiss Each Other Clean', arguably his most 'mainstream' effort, where he seamlessly blended his classic folk styles with more of a pop influence.

His newest album, 'Ghost on Ghost', due for  release at the start of next week, is set to continue his signature sound and further expand his legacy of making great music! You can stream the full album below and let us know what you think, we love it!


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