Taschen - Vintage T-Shirts Book

A big favourite in our book selection here at Fat Buddha Store has to be the Vintage T-Shirts book from Taschen. Compiled by Patrick and Marc Guetta and Alison A Nieder. This book includes some really iconic images selected from the collection of Patrick and Marc Guetta, owners of World of Vintage T-Shirts on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, the Guetta brothers who's experiences as T-Shirt retailers in America and life-long passion for vintage design make this a truly special  read.

Drawn primarily from the golden era of the 1970s and 1980s, these vintage T-shirts are not merely nostalgic artifacts; they represent an historical record of political, popular and corporate thought in America. Vintage T-Shirts documents the most striking variations on this infinitely versatile garment. With an introduction on the history of the T-shirt in American popular culture by Alison A. Nieder Vintage T-Shirts is an essential work of reference for anyone interested in pop culture, fashion, or graphic design.

The Vintage T-Shirts book sits alongside lots more great books and titles covering Fashion, Graphic Design, Architecture and much more at Fat Buddha Store online and in store. You can check it out here.


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