Going Out - Sensu Presents Zip at The Sub Club

Tonight (Friday 19th April) Thomas Franzmann aka Zip, co-founder of the label Perlon, is more than familiar with what make dance floors around the world work. In 1997 he founded the Perlon label with Marcus Nikolai and has since released seminal records by friends and contemporaries Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Akufen, Baby Ford, Ark, Cassie and A Guy Called Gerald to name but a few.

His own steady stream of solo productions and remixes, as well as his residency at Panorama Bar in Berlin have ensured his reputation as a DJ and musician match that of his label with every move he makes.
He is, in other words, a cult favorite. Most of this fervor comes from his style as a selector, something that’s born out of his DJ sets and in the catalogue of Perlon, arguably one of the best house labels of all time, which he co-founded in the mid-’90s. In both roles, Zip embodies the modern and playfully experimental side of house. More simply, he’s a fantastic DJ, delivering a dynamic, cleverly mixed and largely mysterious medley of records (all the while wearing the grin of someone about to play a prank). For some, seeing what’s in his bag is reason enough to go out, and the phrase “Zip plays this” has the same christening effect as the Hard Wax” tip!
 Few artists with this kind of clout keep such a low profile, something that, if not exactly deliberate, is certainly Zip’s own doing. Unimpressed by digital (Perlon is still all-vinyl), uninterested in press and seemingly unfazed by any career obligation aside from DJing or releasing music, he organically achieves the kind of mysterious aura some artists carefully design. Even as a DJ he’s very withdrawn: he plays in Berlin much more than anywhere else, and mostly at Panorama Bar, where he and Sammy Dee have hosted Get Perlonized on the first Friday of every month for the past eight years. This, too, seems to be his choice—at a party one time I actually heard him bragging to another DJ about how few gigs he had coming up. The amazing thing, then, is how much impact he still has: he’s never left the top 50 of RA’s annual DJs poll, despite playing less than half as many gigs as most other artists on the list. The explanation for this, however, is simple: an extraordinary portion of the people who have seen Zip consider him their favorite DJ. This is his Scottish debut and the Sub Club are very excited to welcome him to the Club.

Support on the night comes from Sensu resident Junior. Things kick off at 11pm - 3am and

£10 advance tickets are available online from Resident Advisor and in person from Tickets Scotland.


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