Hottie of the Week - Heather Graham!

Although the jokes may be tired and the story is repetitive, theres still one reason to go and see Hangover 3, and that reason is Heather Graham!

The american actress reprises her role as Jade in the final film of the Hangover trilogy.

Heather Graham has been regarded as a sex symbol for many years now and that doesn't look to be changing anytime soon!

Her breakout role was in 1997 with Boogie Nights where she played the role of porn starlet Brandi, since then, she has gone on to roles in Austin Powers, Anger Management, Gray Matters and now the Hangover series of films and has also made appearances in the TV shows Scrubs and Arrested Development.

Heather has been on numerous 'Worlds Sexiest' lists in all the mens magazines and this month is the cover star of US Maxim.

She's given us many great movie moments over the years, heres hoping for many more!


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