Kaws - "Ohhh..." Exhibition at KaiKai Kiki Gallery

One of our favourite artists here at Fat Buddha Store is New York City's Kaws. We posted recently about his 16 foot Companion sculpture arriving at Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station to be put on show. His new exhibition has opened at the KaiKai Kiki Gallery in Tokyo. The Brooklyn artist presents an entire new body of canvas work, including many different sized paintings. His trademark characters and styles are mixed in new ways, resulting in an exciting new body of work, while staying true to what he is best known for. You can check out some pics below.
The show will continue to run until the 29th May and includes all of the artwork shown above. We have very limited stock of Medicom's Kaw's Bus Stop 1 and Kaw's Bus Stop 2 still available here at Fat Buddha Store alongside more from our great range of Vinyl toys. You can check them out here.


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