The Worlds Largest Lego Star Wars X Wing Fighter Unveiled in NYC

LEGO's largest ever model was revealed in New York City’s Times Square yesterday in the shape of the Star Wars X-Wing Fighter. It is the world’s largest LEGO model coming in at 42x the size of the #9493 Star Wars set currently available. The model was constructed in LEGO’s model shop in Kladno, Czech Republic and measures 11 x 43 feet with a wingspan of 44 feet. The 1:1 scale model uses over five million bricks and weighs in at over 45,000 pounds. An international team of builders, engineers, designers, mechanics and logistics experts spent over a year planning and constructing the model from the same bricks enjoyed by people all over the world. You can check out some pics below.

The X-wing will in due course appear at the company's LEGOLAND Resort in Carlsbad, California (after being certified as strong enough under the state's seismic requirements), and is being displayed in Times Square to publicize the forthcoming "Yoda Chronicles" on Disney's Cartoon Network.


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