Hottie of the Week - Alice Eve!

Although Star Wars may be the talk of the weekend, our Hottie of the Week Alice Eve has got us all excited for the imminent release of 'Star Trek Into Darkness'!

Born in London, Alice has been acting since her days at St. Catherines College, Oxford where she appeared in student productions which toured the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

She then went on to have roles on TV in BBC drama 'The Rotters' Club', 'Poirot' and 'Hawking' and in 2006 she had major roles in the cult hit films 'Starter for 10' and 'Big Nothing'.

She has also appeared in hit HBO show 'Entourage' and she plays Dr Carol Marcus in the new Star Trek film.

We love her old school Marylin Monroe-esque looks, she's the epitome of a blonde bombshell!


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