Music Monday - Boards of Canada!

Edinburgh based electronic music duo Boards of Canada are set to make a welcome return to the music scene with their highly anticipated new album 'Tomorrows Harvest'!

Brothers Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin were born to a musical family and began playing instruments at an early age.

The brothers began experimenting with recording techniques in their early teens and were members of various bands respectively, but it wasn't until Mike invited his brother Marcus to join his band that Boards of Canada was born.

The band was eventually whittled down to just Marcus and Mike and despite doing various collaborations and projects during the early 90's, their first official release wasn't until 1995 with the Twoism EP.

The duo released a few more EP's before the release of their debut album 'Music Has The Right To Children' in 1998, which gained widespread critical acclaim, being named as one of Pitchfork's 100 Best Albums of the 90's and one of Mojo's 100 Modern Classics.

On Record Store Day 2013, a vinyl containing a short clip of music surfaced which was believed to be the work of Boards of Canada. Shortly after the release, Warp Records vouched for the record's authenticity.

The record (titled ------/------/------/xxxxxx/------/------) contained a short clip of audio followed by a voice reading six digits similar to that of a numbers station. The record revealed what was to become one of six unique numbers that were part of a type of alternate reality game that was used to promote the release of their next studio album.


The rest of the codes were hidden through various websites and online communities, as well as broadcast over BBC Radio One, NPR, and Adult Swim. After much speculation, the official website for the band redirected users to another website which asked for the user to enter a password. Once entering all six unique codes in order, a video is shown announcing 'Tomorrow's Harvest', their fourth studio album. The album is set to release on the 10th of June in Europe, check out the video for the first single 'Reach for the Dead' below!


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