Toys, Toys & More Toys

Indeed this week we had the biggest toy delivery to date, 49 boxes of vinyl pleasure, form Yo Gabb Gabba, Eggy Dunny, Simpsons Mini Figures, Unicornasaurus, DIY Munny, Tado Mini Series, Big Bob Slug and the list does go on, oh aye dont forget the Series 5 Dunny's just released.
Kid Robot are the most creative of the toy companies, and the richest, the other companies have allowed KR to own the market, Toy2R were the Daddy at one point, now marginalised and not even on the radar.
We stocked Toy2R when we first opened but found the minimum order of a whole box per style, far to restrictive and with the toys not being geared to towards Artist Series, sell through was slow.


Anonymous said…
Wow!! I just love this amazing collection of toys!!

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