V for Vendetta.

V for Vendetta is a ten-issue comic book series written by Alan Moore and illustrated mostly by David Lloyd, set in a dystopian future United Kingdom imagined from the 1980s about the 1990s. A mysterious anarchist named "V" works to destroy the totalitarian government, profoundly affecting the people he encounters.
The series is set in a near-future Britain after a limited nuclear war, which has left much of the world destroyed. In this future, a fascist party called Norsefire has arisen and is the ruling power. "V", an anarchist revolutionary dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask, begins an elaborate, violent and theatrical campaign to bring down the government.

This is essential reading folk, comic geeks like myself or not, especially on today of all days 'November the 5th'.
The brief summary above does not do it justice, seriously, and the film was pretty diabolical, despite excellent casting of the very pretty Natalie Portman. Retailing for around a tenner you will not be disappointed.

Remember, Remember.



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