Grog Ink 10mm Squeezer markers

Hi guys, This week i have the Grog 10mm Squeezer marker for you to check out. This marker is off the chain in ever aspect, for example: The Grog ink is an excellent stainer, the nib is second to none, the squeezer system works very effectively and it has a cap which will stop leakage in your pocket. It was actually a request by yours truly to get these in store and I'm happy we did.

Above is the empty marker, nib and legendary Grog ink. These marker come filled to save you the trouble. To fill the marker, all you need to do is remove the nib, fill the bottle about 2/3's with ink, replace the nib and squeeze to start the ink flowing.

The squeezer system works a treat and the mole hair nib is a nice change from regular chisel nibs. Below are some examples of the Grog 10mm Ink Squeezer marker.

Quite a few pictures this week, mainly because I Really enjoyed writing with the pen. Next week i have the Grog 25mm Squeezer marker.

Thanks for reading, Calum.


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