The Fab Four, Elections and thrilling headgear

Here's one for all you Kubrick collectors out there, especially if you're a music fan too. The Beatles 'Can't Buy Me Love' 1000% (26.8 inches) Kubrick set is due to finally appear after over 2 years of development. Medicom will be punting these at $2000 per for a complete set. I can see that there will be some broke Fab Four collectors out there!

Well as the US election draws ever nearer there has been another toy release-tie-in by none other that John K. If you've never heard of him you're sure to know of his two most famous creations, Ren and Stimpy. Now John K has brought his stinky art style to the presidential candidates (there's also a big assed Hilary as she was still in the race when the set was created. When asked about his feelings about this political race he replied; "I am not all that political myself. I watch all the news and debates and am amazed at what all the candidates get away with. I’m Canadian, so the extremes of Republican and Democrat hatred amaze me. I find them both equally bizarre and arbitrary. And funny."

With the winter cold breathing down our necks Jeremy Fish (SuperFishal) and Upper Playground have produced a possible cure for this chilly weather, there is one catch'll have to be the kind of person who can pull off wearing pink bunny ears. The hat is like a mixture of baseball cap and Russian military headgear designed around the ever popular Jeremy Fish Skull Bunny.


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